Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Yeah look at that man ~ fuckin’ precum man out of the head of my big dick for you man
Yeah all fuckin’ day man
Yeah I’m gonna start collectin’ it & video tapin’ it man ~ see how much I can fuckin’ milk out man
Yeah makes me real hungry man ~ makes me wanna fuckin’ um get down there fuckin’ worship my own penis
Get it all big and fat for you man ~ yeah
yeah, that’s your big dick man ~ fuck yeah
Fuck coach ~ fuck ~ fuckin’ coach man (huff-huff)
Yeah (huff) ~ yah sit & study your penis man (huff-huff)
Oh man (huff) ~ phew, fuckin’ what really drives me crazy is when your fuckin’ balls get big & floppy & you’re standing up man
Man you’re the fuckin’ penis king man ~ yeah ~ I jus’, fuck man,I fuckin’, I fuckin’ love it Guy
Oh man ~ I love beatin’ big penis for you man
Yeah, right out of my cock Guy
Yeah, edgin’ precum outta head of penis man
Oh yeah ~ ah, that’s really right there Guy
Oh look at that ~ FUCK ~ that’s precum bro
Fuck outta the head of my penis man ~ ah fuck
Fuckin’ beautiful man ~ fuck yeah
Fuckin’ grease up my penis & beat it with that man (huff)
Oh fuck yeah (huff) ~ wanna see yah take your load right now Guy (huff)
Ah fuck ~ (huff) ah man ~ yeah we get to deep-gree big greasy penis with that
(huff) fuck yeah ~ yeah look at that man ~ yeah ~ FUCK ~ oh man
Oh man that feels so fuckin’ good ~ yeah round your fuckin’ penis man
Ah yeah ~ yeah ~ fuckin’ Guy gives me fuckin’ monster cock man
FUCK ~ drive me fuckin’ crazy bro ~ fuck
Gonna have to work some more sperm out man ~ grease my fuckin’ penis up
Ah fuck yeah ~ this might be it bro, Imma gonna fuckin’ ~ (huff) pull sperm outta there for yah man
(huff) ah fuck yeah (huff-huff) ~ FUCK YEAH ~ (huff)
Get that fucker fat for Guy man ~ (huff) ah fuck ~ yeah (huff-huffff)
Ah man my fuckin’ penis king man ~ YEAH ~ yeah I worship God’s big cock man
Yeah, au natural man ~ fuck
Yeah, man, I love big fuckin’ penis man ~ yeah, big fuckin’ penis, big motherfuckin’ penis man ~ yeah
Ah fuck yeah man ~ yeah fuckin’ more penis juice man ~ fuckin’ more penis juice man
Ah man this feels so fuckin’ good
Yeah in total fuckin’ solo sexual mastubation for my buddy Guy man
Fuck I love you bro ~ there it is right there man ~ AH FUCK YEAH
AH FUCK ~ ah fuck Guy ~ AH YEAH ~ AH FUCK ~ fucker, fuck yeah ~ grrrrr ~ FUCK YEAH ~ FUUCCKKK, all for you man, all for you ~ fuck look at that dick man ~ fuck yeah, po’ boy man ~ yeah that’s your boy man ~ fuck yeah ~ AAHHH FUUCCKK